Coinrobots market value management basic version of the tutorial

2019-01-26 14:30:51
  1. Download the market value management software at

  2.  login account, no account users please register at


  3. Perform policy configuration


    a. Fill in the APIKEY and key, except for the COINALL platform, other secondary keys are not required.

    b. Select the trading platform and currency pairs

    c. Trading method:

    Simultaneous trading: buy and sell orders at the same time according to the purchase price, the selling price

    Only buy the purchase order: only buy the purchase order according to the purchase price

    Only sell orders: only sell orders according to the offer price

    Random sales: random pending orders at the bid price and the selling price

    d. Parameter setting (buy price, selling price): The average market depth is the average price of buy (sell) 1-buy (sell) 20, the parameter can be set within the range of 1-20.

    For example, if you use OKEX's BCH_OKB transaction, you can set a buy-up of 0.01% above the market. Buy the price and sell at the same time, that is, buy and sell the same price, you only need to set the purchase price, then check this option.

    e, the number of single transactions, you can set a random interval.

    f, transaction opening conditions:

    Real-time commissioning, commissioning according to set parameters

    Buy-price-selling price<selling price*%, please set a lower percentage than the recommended rebate and other incentive fees except the handling fee.

    g, stop loss method:

    How to deal with how many seconds after the unsold part is processed

    1. Market price transaction

    2, manual processing

    3, withdraw the order

    h. Set the stop loss interval: limit the purchase and sale price to a certain range, and suspend the purchase and sale of pending orders when the price is lower or higher.

    4, save strategy

    5. Click the Run Monitoring tab to start running.


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