Coinrobots FAQ

2019-01-25 11:06:25

1. Which websites does Coinrobots support?

A: Support OKEX, Firecoin, ZB, Coin Security, BIRREX, BX, FCOIN, Coinbene, OCX, Coinpark, Xstar, and will access more trading platforms.

2. What trading strategies does Coinrobots have?

A: The difference arbitrage trading strategy, trading mining strategy, Martinel contract version and spot version will also be connected to the WEB end.

3. Which websites does the trading mining strategy support?

A: FCOIN, Coinbene, OCX, Coinpark, Xstar, trading platform is still increasing, please pay attention to the news of the coinrobots WeChat public account.

4. How to get ROBOT?

A: a through the official purchase, please add micro-signal coinrobots. The current exchange ratio is 1ETH: 10000ROBOT. Please add the coinrobots microsignal and transfer it to its ETH address, and the agent will send the corresponding ROBOT to your ROBOT address.

b obtained through official activities

c Recommend friends to use Coinrobots, each recommended a friend successfully authenticated, reward 20ROBOT, and enjoy 12% of the friend's ROBOT consumption as a special reward.

d Purchased by other users who hold ROBOT.

5. How to get the ROBOT address?

A: You can use the ETH address of your IMTOKEN, Bitt, etc. wallet as the ROBOT address, or in the Personal Center of the Platform - My Account.


6. How to recharge the Coinrbots platform account?

A: After you purchase ROBOT, transfer to your ROBOT address.

7. What should I do if the ROBOT is not used? Can you withdraw it?

A: You can put it in your account or you can withdraw it to your IMTOKEN, Bitt, etc. wallet at any time. To withdraw, please go to the Personal Center - My Account, click the button to fill in the information.


8. Are the different policy charges the same?

A: Different policy charges are different. The specific standards are as shown below.


For example: the brick moving strategy consumes 1 ROBOT for every ETH sold.

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