Does Martinel need to spend a lot of money? Can ordinary people use it?

2019-01-25 11:53:38

The basic principle of Martin's strategy is that in a bilateral market where you can buy up and sell, you only bet on one side. If you do the opposite, you will continue to reverse the code. Until the market callback, all the previous losses were all replenished, so in theory, Martinel needs a lot of money to operate, but Martinel has gone through more than two centuries of practice and development, and has now derived various kinds. Variant Martinel, CoinRobots combines a variety of different types of users to set out a variety of variants of Martinel, such as the quantity measurement, increment, decrement; the difference can also set the increment, decrement, and multiplication orders; for example You can also set freely, good market. You can look at some profit, bad market and see less profit, and even you can limit the number of Martingar cycles, when you reach the last transaction of Martinel. You can choose to buy the book and sell it. So to the maximum extent, our small amount of money can also be profitable through Martinel's trading strategy.

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