Can the Martingale strategy be applied to the virtual currency market?

2019-01-25 11:58:22

Martingale's strategy has been used in stock, foreign exchange, futures and other markets for many years. Virtual currency has the same trading nature as it is, so the market for virtual currency Martingale's strategy also applies, and according to the nature of virtual currency. In other words, Martinel can play its role more effectively in the virtual currency market. Because, the amount of virtual currency, such as Bitcoin, 21 million, when you trade each time from the mathematical probability will greatly increase its profit ratio; Second, its excellent liquidity, currently in addition to the dollar The world is the most widely distributed. The virtual currency holders and traders of the five oceans on four continents, and their value is affirmed by more and more people, so their two characteristics have caused the range of virtual currency fluctuations to be relatively stable. There is no crash, so the chances of profiting Marques in virtual currency are far greater than their unrestricted stock futures and foreign exchange markets!

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