Virtual currency grid trading strategy

Grid trading is recognized as a strategic tool for turbulent market trading, especially in the field of virtual currency trading, where large fluctuations bring better and more stable returns to investors.

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Set the value center, use the "gear position" mode to mechanically operate the investment target, and when it falls, carry out the division purchase, and when it rises, sell the file. Because the grid method does not rely on human thinking, it is completely a kind of program behavior. Like the fishing net, using the fluctuation of the market to buy and sell in the grid interval, you can control the position reasonably, avoid chasing and falling, and have strong Anti-risk ability.

For example, a classic foreign position management system, a blue chip stock is currently 10 yuan, the principal is 200,000. Then I bought 100,000 yuan for the first time, and bought 10,000 yuan for every 1 yuan lost. I sold 10,000 yuan for every 1 yuan. This is the classic grid trading, as long as the stock does not delist, there is always a chance to make a profit.


The specific steps of the grid trading method

The first step: develop a grid plan. Assumption: Total funds: 100,000, each position is 10,000; then you can build a grid system with 10 grids; 10 yuan starts to open positions, each grid has a density of 10%, then you can cover the price space from 10 yuan to 3.87 yuan. ;

The second step: buy stocks. According to the grid trading operation, starting from the starting price, each time the price falls, the corresponding amount of funds is bought. However, because A shares have a limit on the number of integers to buy, the price can only buy the number of integers, using most of the funds. Take the table as an example. Starting at 10 yuan, buying 1000 shares, 10 yuan fell to 9 yuan, buying 1100 shares, falling 8.1 yuan in September, buying 1200 shares, and so on.

The third step: sell the stock. Starting from the buying price, the price rises one and sells the bought position. Take the table as an example. 1200 shares purchased in 8.1. When the price rises to 9 yuan, 1200 shares are sold. 1100 shares bought at 9 yuan, when the price rebounds to 10 yuan, it will sell 1100 shares, and so on.

Table grid trading method specific operation


The above is the basic grid trading method, set the starting price, set the grid density, set the amount of money per grid, and then start execution. Based on the above simulation data, we calculate the simulation preparation for the 100,000 funds in the rate of return table, the price dropped from 10 yuan to 3.87 yuan, and then recovered from 3.87 yuan to 10 yuan. A total of 97,104.47 yuan was bought, and the total amount recovered was 107,782.75 yuan after the sale. The overall income was 11%, which was much higher than the yield of only 0% in the last 11 positions. The actual situation will not be so perfect, it will fall directly and go straight back.

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