Market value management mining high frequency trading

A project without market value management is a loose sand that will collapse in an instant. A good market value management strategy will allow the project to attract more investment institutions.

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In fact, the concept of market value management comes from Western stock markets. It has been a long time. If we trace back, it can be traced back to a long time ago. At that time, there was no modern stock exchange with global networking, a stock company, stocks. It can be traded at multiple trading company counters. Due to the information difference, sometimes the counter prices of two different trading companies may be different at the same time.

And these listed companies know what price is reasonable, and it is worth buying the stock below the price. So, there is such a business: Some people call each trading counter every day, buy stocks below the reasonable price, sell the stocks at the obviously high-priced counter, let the stock price in a reasonable range, market value It also meets the fundamentals of the stock. This is the early market value management.

As securities trading evolved into a large-scale form of aggregation, the division of labor in the industry became more and more detailed, the entry of a large number of securities analysts and professional traders, and the improvement of securities regulations made the so-called "market value management" of the securities market almost impossible. Possible business form. Because the price of the stock has a huge correlation with the operating state of the company behind it, the more transparent the information is, the more standardized it is, the more direct the market price response is, and the market value management is almost an unnecessary existence.

The original market value management business was gradually transformed into a quantitative trader, market maker, Zhuangzhuang, etc.

Quantitative transaction

Quantitative trading refers to the use of market price differences and volatility to carry out high-selling and low-yielding arbitrage behaviors, from ordinary manual trading to automated high-frequency trading. This trading model does not care about market price trends, only cares about getting the difference. .

        Market maker

The market maker, this is a reasonable assessment of the market price after some assets have been fully investigated, set the corresponding buy and sell prices, low buy high sell, this transaction model pays attention to the rationality of the price range, Provides liquidity to the market, but does not actively intervene in market prices, and only trades where it meets its target conditions.

        Sitting on the village

Relatively complex, they are high-risk and high-yielding trading behaviors. They will use various factors such as market information to artificially influence the fluctuation of market prices. The so-called price-selling and high-selling shipments are all using funds and information advantages to attract follow-up. The behavior of obtaining the most profit, but such sitting behavior is strictly regulated in many markets. At the same time, there will be many counterparties that lead to unsuccessful being cleaned up or locked up. The sole purpose of sitting is to gain income. Others Everything serves this purpose.

Currency market value management

The project side is worried that the asset price is unreasonable, and they have no ability and tools to trade in the market, so there will be demand for market value management. It is to entrust a professional trading team to undertake chips at a relatively important psychological price. When the trading volume is small, the price is gradually increased with a relatively small cost. Since most users are onlookers, they are raised at a lower cost. Prices, and even attract some follow-up buying, the normal market value management is like this.

Market value management necessity

Active volume

There are more and more new projects, and there are very few admission funds. The transaction volume of new projects is very small. If the project is left to the market, there may be some projects that will not have too much trading volume in one day. Our investors are looking to judge based on these. The K-line of projects without market value management can not be connected together, resulting in a phenomenon of no price or no price and no market. It is difficult to buy and sell, and only more and more people will leave the market without funds.

2. Maintaining the price of the currency

Maintaining the price of the currency is also a basic matter of market value management, mainly the price of the stable token. Because this market is very volatile and often falls, then when the whole market falls, try not to fall or fall less; when the market rises, try to increase as much as possible to attract new investors. A good liquidity and stable price will attract more market makers or quantitative trading or investor admission.

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